What if there was a way
to wear your Pride every day?

To clearly express your pronouns?
To show your love
for the LGBTQ community?

You are wonderfully made,
beautiful and unique.
You deserve to wear
jewelry and accessories
that celebrate you-
just as you are- no exceptions.

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White With Rainbow Pronoun Pins

These magnetic pronoun pins are just the thing to wear with any professional outfit or just for fun, and they won't poke holes in your clothes!

Customer Reviews

This is my 3rd review for Hannah's and Ellin's pins. And no, the quarter in my photo did not come from them for this review! :-) This is a vibrant pin with a flat magnetic backing. I am passionate about LGBTQIA rights. I also feel good in beautiful, colorful jewelry. This pin is me. It shows up in Zoom and Team video calls. Hurrah!

This is my dream pin. It's large enough to be visible at virtual meetings when I use my laptop camera and very easy to wear. I ordered a pin from this vendor earlier and loved its design and quality but the stick pin part just didn't work for me. I'm always fiddling with any pin like it. So anyway. I ordered this magnetic design and IT IS PERFECT. The back is flat and I can wear it (quickly!) with everything. No fiddling. Wear and forget. I love this. Thank you for creating a way to be visible as an ally even while working from home.

Item shipped quickly and was wonderful quality! The font works well with the size, as it's large enough to be legible and noticed but not too large and obtrusive. The magnet on the pin was strong enough to stay on my thick Carhartt beanie throughout an 8-hour shift with no worries of losing it. Would buy again!

We hope our products will help you proclaim your pride, and serve as a reminder that you are extraordinary. Be proud of who you are- we are so proud of you.

With lots of love, Hannah and Ellin

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