We are Ellin and Hannah, the mother/daughter creators behind 
The Pronoun Studio and Because I'm Proud Studio

We are visual and performing artists who love to explore line, color, and design in any form of art. We are silly and messy and constantly pushing ourselves to grow. But most of all, we are passionate about creating beautiful pins and accessories that allow you to share your pronouns and your pride without every saying a word. 

We hope our pronoun pins and pride pins and accessories will help you express who you are, and serve as a reminder that you are extraordinary. Be proud of who you are- we are so proud of you.

With lots of love,

Hannah (she/her) and Ellin (she/her)

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Great quality. Arrived very quickly. I'm quite pleased!
Customer reviews
Well made. Good size. My kiddo loves it ❤️ Thank you