We're still basking in the wonderful that was. Out! Raleigh Pride on June 25. It was just so much, well, wonderful!

Yes, there were loud detractors citing misinterpreted biblical text, but those were met with shouts of "love is love" to drown them out and there were so many more examples of love and inclusion and respect than of hate.

 Family after family stopped at our booth and looked for buttons or pins or jewelry or keychains that represented and affirmed their children.

One young adult was so moved by a child's wish for a button and their parent's affirmation that the young adult bought said button as a gift.

There were folks who asked questions (which my lovely young mentor was able to answer quite well, teaching me in the process) and others who made great suggestions for designs that we've taken with us and started making.

Even in the ridiculous heat, and the extraordinary number of people, there was so much joy and love that it fills me up even now.

All I want to know now is how do we keep that wonderful going. Because we need to. We have to. This community deserves that kind of love every day, everywhere.

Hope you have a great week, 

thanks for being here,

Ellin (she/her)




July 19, 2022 — Rebecca Porterfield

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