This week is share your pet photos week. We want to see them! Here are ours. I have two dogs and a cat with me (that are really Hannah's) and Hannah has two snakes.
This is Domino. He is fascinated by our work and often sits in the way, but he is so cute we don't care. Also, Domino is his official name. He responds to "Ki Ki Kitty" because when he was a kitten, that's how he was called to meals.  Lol. His skills include sitting on the computer, knowing exactly when we are working so he can intrude, and occasionally, using the toilet. 
girl painting and cat curious about the painting
This is Sasha. She is a rescue and according to her DNA, she is part boxer, hound, part lab, and part some other things. She is a snuggle bug and loves to play fetch, for a few minutes. Then she'd rather have pets. Her skills include eating everything in sight whether she should or not, chasing squirrels, intense sniffing and the deepest bark you've ever heard.   
This is Princess Katrina Grace Poodle, but her friends call her Grace, so named by then-five-year-old Hannah. She is our old lady. Her joints are achy and she gets daily meds so she can get around, but she still acts like she's a puppy. Although she doesn't enjoy being trimmed, she loves the look and prances about like she's the shit. Which she is. Grace's skills include barking at everything Sasha barks out except three octaves higher, being the cutest one (don't tell the others), and sleeping. 
white poodle laying on the floor
The snakes are next in case you want to stop here. 
These two lovely ladies are Yuki and Noodle. Yuki is a corn snake, Noodle is a king snake. I never thought I would say that I love snakes and especially holding them, but it's really very therapeutic. Yuki and Noodle do not spend time together as king snakes usually eat corn snakes, but that's ok. They are both pretty cool. Their skills include slithering around their tanks and eating, and they are both really good at hiding and blending into their surroundings. See if you can find Yuki in that first photo! They are also very cute.
     king snake closeup
Thanks for indulging me. I can say without a doubt that all of these animals make my life a little sweeter. I would love to see your furry or feathered or scaled friends!
Lots of love, and thanks as always for being part of this community,
Ellin (she/her)
January 25, 2023 — Rebecca Porterfield
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