Abstract Ally Pride Flag Buttons, 1.5" pinback or magnetic with original abstract art, "proud", "love wins", "ally" or plain

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Show your love and wear your pride out loud with these unique "Because I'm A Proud Ally" buttons. Whether you have a loved one in the LGBTQ+ community or you just want to show your support, these buttons are perfect for any occasion.

These buttons come in four variations- or you may choose your own word: - "pride" - "ally" - "love wins" - custom -plain Our buttons can be made with a pinback or a magnetic back and come in 1.5".

Great for wearing on clothes or putting on a backpack, purse, dog leash, hat and more, these buttons are lightweight and easy to use. You will definitely want more than one! Each button uses an originally designed art piece and is hand pressed and inspected thoroughly before shipping.

Not sure whether to choose a magnetic back or a pinback? Let us help!

Magnetic backed buttons are great for wearing on clothing because they won't tear fabric. These buttons are ok for other applications like backpacks or hats, but they could be accidentally knocked off.

Pinback buttons can be worn on clothing as long is the fabric is sturdy enough for a pin. Pinbacks are awesome for wearing on accessories because, as long as they are secured, they won't fall off!