woman dancing en pointe outside

Dancing Beyond Gender Norms

Can you imagine, though,  what it would mean to young people who identify outside gender norms to see themselves represented on stage? Or the validation a non-binary individual might feel to be included in a company no matter their gender at birth? 

When I think about it, isn't this what needs to happen everywhere? Don't we need to burst our imaginary bubbles of what is traditional and "appropriate" regarding gender roles so that anyone of any gender can achieve their goals and live their dreams?

November 08, 2022
Longing for Belonging

Longing for Belonging

What I'm really thinking about today is belonging, family, and community. At Pride, for every person who came into our booth with a supportive family, there were others who looked at our pins and buttons wishing for parents or siblings or a community who would really see them and accept them for who they are. The longing for belonging was palpable and heartbreaking.
October 20, 2022